If you have relied on city supplied water sources for the majority of your life, the idea of moving to a rural area where you will have to rely on a well to supply water to your home can seem a bit scary. People who have never dealt with a well tend to only remember the bad information that they have heard because this is what usually stands out the most. However, having a water well on your property can be a major benefit that saves you a great deal of money. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions about relying on a well for water.

Misconception: It is very common for a well to go dry.

Fact: A well can go dry and the water can be gone. However, this is not the normal thing to happen with most wells. As long as the well was appropriately dug by a professional who was knowledgeable about groundwater supply in the area, you will almost always have access to water. During periods of drought or dry weather, some well owners may see a lower water level, but this is usually only a temporary issue and can be counteracted with water reserves connected to your well pump.

Misconception: If you have a shallow well, it is prone to contamination.

Fact: Whether you have a well that is ten-feet deep or two-hundred feet deep, you are at no more risk for contamination with either. Where the issue of contamination really lies is in the installation of the well itself. The groundwater system in your area must be properly analyzed to find the safest place to tap into natural ground water supplies. Runoff water from certain areas, such as where livestock is kept or chemicals are used on crops, must be avoided. The geological survey of the underlying tables and water routes will determine the safety of your water, without regard to its actual depth.

Misconception: Water pressure from a well will be much lower than with city water.

Fact: Relying on a well does not mean that you will have to let go of good water pressure in the home. Proper well pump installation is the one thing that can make sure that this never happens. A good water well can easily provide enough water pressure to make most homeowners happy. It is all a matter of choosing the best type of pump for your water needs and ensuring that it is appropriately installed on your property.

It is easy to be afraid of a property aspect that you are unfamiliar with, but when it comes to relying on a well, there is nothing to fear. With the right installation, pump, and attention, you will enjoy your well to the fullest extent. You may even find that you are happier being in charge of your own water supply than you have ever been when you were tapped onto a local water reservoir. Visit http://www.wellservicetampabay.com for help with well pump installation.