Transporting heavy machinery is a huge responsibility, and it's imperative you find a company you can trust when you have your machinery shipped and transported to another facility. To make sure your machine is ready to depart, and you are financially covered during the transportation, you want to do the three following things before the machine leaves the shop.

Research Company Credentials

Make sure any company you get an estimate from is not only a licensed business, but they have the proper permits to haul heavy machinery. You want to know the driver that is going to be traveling at high speeds with your machinery is experienced and properly trained.

You also want to get quotes from at least two or three different hauling companies, to see what the different rates are, and to see what is included in each estimate. Ask for references from each company to see what other companies work with them.

Get an Appraisal and Inspection

Have the machine fully inspected, photographed and appraised before you send it out for delivery. If the vehicle is automated, you may want to video tape a few series of movements to prove it was functioning properly before it left your possession.

This gives you any proof you need for an insurance provider if something happens during transportation. You'll want the driver or a representative from the hauling company to sign the inspection and appraisal. This verifies that they agree what the machine looked like when it left your property.

Verify Insurance Information

You need to know that the company is insured to cover any damages that may occur to the machine while you're traveling and anything that could happen to the drivers or other motorists during travel. You don't want to find out that their insurance policy is short the cost to completely cover the costs of damages if something comes up, or that you have to pay for damage the machine may have done to others during an accident.

Just because an advertised transportation company has a trailer or semi to haul large machinery doesn't mean the drivers are qualified, and it doesn't guarantee that the company is going to do good work. Make sure you take the time to talk with different heavy equipment transportation services to see who can deliver your machinery safely and undamaged, in a timely fashion, and at a cost you feel comfortable paying.