If you are looking for a more interesting lighting option in your home, you can choose recessed lighting. Recessed lighting, which is sometimes known as pot lighting, is a type of fixture that is placed in a hole in your ceiling. Instead of being flush with the ceiling, a hole of varying sizes is first created, sometimes even with crown molding around the edge of it. This creates a pretty appearance and can also reduce fire hazards by keeping the lighting fixture away from other elements of your home. Here is more information about this type of lighting.

Benefits of Recessed Lighting

There are a few different reasons to choose recessed lighting. The first, of course, is for a streamlined look in your home. Many people choose to use it in their kitchen, which can actually open up the kitchen, even if it is small and compact. Other benefits of recessed lighting include:

Increasing the light – You also get the advantage of increased levels of light in the room where you have recessed lighting. You will notice more light than what you get from a lamp or a ceiling light that is flush with the ceiling.

Special features – In many cases, the recessed lighting includes other special features. If the lighting is in the wall, as opposed to the ceiling, it can highlight nearby artwork. In either case, you can get crown molding or other details around the hole where the light is to further enhance its appearance.

Where to Place Recessed Lighting

There are certain areas of your home where you should place recessed lighting and others where it isn't the best idea. Make sure you do not place multiple lighting fixtures too close together, as it can make the room look like an airport or other commercial building. If you are installing recessed lighting on the walls to highlight artwork or other features, center them in front of the objects you intend to light. A good place for smaller recessed lighting is in the bottom part of your kitchen cabinets.

Avoid installing recessed lighting if your ceiling contains concrete, or if you have intricate detail work, such as molding or ornate plaster details.

Choosing the Right Light Bulbs

With recessed lighting, you have a few different types of light bulbs that work well. If you want to save energy and be kind to the environment, you can use low-voltage halogen light bulbs. These will give you a clean, white light throughout your home. Other good light bulbs to use are standard incandescent light bulbs and R bulbs, which provide a reflective surface. Contact a company like Bunnell Electric for more information.