After eyeballing that stubborn drain and researching remedies online, you decide there are a couple that sound worthy enough to give a shot. But, wait. Before you go grabbing the baking soda and a plunger, there are some things you should know about taking clogged drain matters into your own hands. Not every home remedy for this messy problem should be tried by anyone, let alone someone without professional plumbing experience. Here are a few of the worst ideas you can ever follow when it comes to clearing a clogged drain on your own.

Boiling Hot Water Down the Drain

It sounds feasible. If you have a drain you are pretty sure is clogged with grease, grime, and other kitchen concoctions, one remedy you will most likely find online tells you that boiling hot water will clear that drain right out. However, there is one little thing you may not think about: Most plumbing fixtures have plastic components—and while they can withstand hot water slipping through, a clogged drain and boiling water may not fare well. The boiling water can be at a temperature of 212 degrees or more, which is hot enough to break down seals and cause damage to PVC pipes. When you pour boiling water into a clogged drain and it sits there for a prolonged period, you could easily cause a lot of damage to the plumbing.

Creating a Plumber's Snake of Your Own

You see online that it is recommended to use a plumber's snake to try and weasel your way into the drain and pull out whatever is in the way. Because you do not have one on hand you decide that a good long wore or spring with something point would basically be the same, right? Unfortunately, a DIY plumber's snake can get you in even more trouble. The professional type is designed to be fully flexible and reach in to grab whatever is in the way and pull it through the line. The wrong design can push a clog further into the pipes, or even worse, break. Then not only are you stuck with a clogged drain, but a large foreign object blocking the pathway to the drain.

Drain cleaning may seem like a simple concept, but in actuality it can be a lot more complicated than what you think. Be sure you are careful about using home remedies of your own to attempt drain cleaning. There are many skilled professionals in the plumbing industry—like DBR Plumbing—who would be happy to help you out.