When it comes to what you flush in your toilet, the only thing you should be putting down the drain is toilet paper. Many items are actually advertised as being disposable, but they can cause serious problems if you dispose of them in the toilet. To be on the safe side, avoid putting these three items down your toilet all costs.

Cat Litter

It might make sense to put cat litter in the toilet since you use the toilet yourself for a similar purpose. Litter is designed to clump when it comes in contact with urine, which makes it a breeze to scoop out of your cat's litter box. Now just imagine what can happen when cat litter goes through your plumbing. One scoop of cat litter might be fine, but multiple clumps of cat litter will eventually cause a problem as they form one big clump in your pipes.

If you are lucky and do not have any problems with the cat little in your plumbing, you should still consider the effects of flushing your cat's waste down the toilet. There is a parasite in cat waste known as toxoplasma that may affect wildlife once water waste reaches the ocean. Research has shown sea otter deaths in California being related to the toxoplasma parasite. It is the same parasite that can have affect pregnant women, which is why they should never handle scooping the litter box.

Wet Wipes

If there are kids in your home, wet wipes are a wonderful invention that can help clean up messes quickly. You can easily go through tons of these very quickly if you have a kid in diapers, which is why it may be easy to toss them into the toilet instead of a trash can.

Plumbers say that 10% of house calls regarding clogged toilets are due to wet wipes being flushed. Even flushable wipes are at risk of clogging your drain depending on how bad your plumbing already is. It's not worth having a potential plumbing issue when these wet wipes can go into the trash just as easily.


Another personal care item that you should keep in the trash are tampons. They are designed to absorb liquid, which means that they will puff up when submerged in water after being flushed. It might not seem sanitary, but avoid flushing them by keeping a trash can in your bathroom.

By taking precautions to keep these items out of your toilet, it will keep your plumbing in great shape.