When winter weather leaves, and the spring thaw begins, insects that have been hibernating to get away from colder temperatures will start to emerge to enjoy warmer weather. Ants will start trying to get into homes in search for food after being cooped up for the cold season. Now is the time to prepare your home by fixing areas where ants can come inside. You will also want to start changing habits in an attempt to keep ants from being attracted to your home. Here are some ways that you can prepare your home, keeping an ant invasion from occurring.

Do Your Spring Cleaning Now

Instead of waiting for the weather to get warmer before starting your spring cleaning process, prepare for the return of insects by doing all of your cleaning in advance of their arrival. Taking the time to thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom in each room of your house will prevent it from being an attractive area for ants.

Removing any food products that are lying around the home will be helpful in keeping ants away. Keep all of your food contained in the kitchen so that there are no stray crumbs in other areas of your home. When you cook, make sure to cover all leftovers and keep them in your refrigerator so they can not be detected by ants or other insects. Avoid leaving grease splatters on your stove area, as grease attracts all kinds of insects and rodents.

Take A Look Outdoors

Prepare the exterior of your home by spot checking the entire surface of each wall and the foundation. If you notice any areas with cracks, crevices, or holes, you will need to make repairs to these areas. Using caulk is one way to seal out insects from getting into small areas of the exterior of your home. It can also be used around windows and doorways to further help keep them outside.

Consider pouring gravel or decorative rock around the perimeter of your home so that ants are less likely to walk up the sides of your home. If you have grass up to the sides of your home, ants will be more likely to continue their walk onto your house. 

If you have any outdoor pets, take their food dishes up right after they have eaten so that ants and other insects will not invade their food. Move any wood piles, leaves or other yard debris far from your home as they are areas where ants will set up camp.

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