If you believe you have mold growing and living in your home, you should hire a company to perform a mold inspection. Mold is harmful and can be deadly, and it must be professionally removed if it is found in your home. Here are two different ways inspectors determine if mold is present in a home.

Air Sample Test

Getting your home tested for mold is important if you sense that it is there, or if you have recently had water damage inside your house. A mold inspection is the only way to know for sure if you have mold present.

The first way mold is detected in a house is through an air sample test. This is a great first step to take, especially if you can smell mold in your home. If you can smell it, there is a likely chance that it is there and is affecting the air quality in your home. This test is also good to use if you cannot visually see any mold in your home.

An air sample test is completed with a spore trap. This is a trap that catches particles found in the air and it is great for detecting mold. When this test is used, the samples collected are tested at a lab to determine what types of mold was found.

If mold is discovered, the inspector will want to return to your home to find out exactly where the mold is located. Once it is located, it can be removed and the area can be treated to stop the mold from returning.

Surface Sample Test

There are also times when the smell of mold is not in the air, but it may be visible to your eyes. If you can actually see the mold in an area of your home, an inspector could take a surface sample test of the mold.

With this test, the inspector will take some of the mold that is visible and will send it to a lab. This too is completed to determine what types of mold are present, and knowing the types is important for your safety. While some types are relatively harmless, other types can be deadly.

Detecting the mold in your home is only the first step you will need to complete because if you have mold, you will need to have it removed. To learn more about this, contact a company that offers mold inspections and mold remediation services.