Renovating your home is a fun challenge, but many people do not think about the waste that this type of project will create. For this reason, you need to make a detailed plan for you will do with any waste from your renovation. Luckily, you have several options for dealing with this waste, some of which can generate you some extra money for your renovation budget.

Paper and Wood Items

In this country, around 60 percent of the generated waste does not come from industrial work. This waste is the result of construction jobs that include building new homes and renovating old ones. With this in mind, you want to create a plan to deal with the wood and paper-based products that you are going to remove from your home.

Construction waste such as old drywall, wooden beams and wood flooring can be reused in other products. This is the reason why recycling companies have bins specifically for these items. Drywall for example, is a mixture of paper products that can be broken down and recompressed into new drywall.

A number of manufacturers want these items so they do not have to harvest raw materials from nature. By recycling the wood and paper-based items throughout your home, you are helping to reduce the number of trees other companies need to harvest to make their products.

Metal Items

Another common waste product is metal and you have a few ways of handling this type of material. Your first option is to recycle any metal that comes out of your home from the plumbing or changing of appliances. Many recycling companies have specific bins for most types of metals, though they may have issues with items that contain coolants such as refrigerators or air conditioning units.

Your other option is to sell the metal to a business that buys aluminum, steel, copper and iron, also known as scrap metal buyers. One benefit with this option is that many of these businesses will take items that contain coolants, because they have the equipment and skill to remove the chemical safely.

The company will pay you based on a few factors such as weight, type and condition of the metal. If the company needs to take the item apart, the amount is usually lower, because the business needs to dedicate time to get rid of unwanted materials such as coolants or plastic pieces.

When you are about to renovate your home, you have to decide what you will do with most of the waste. It is best to find ways to sell or recycle most of the items so they do not end up in your local landfill. It does take some additional effort to complete this task, but reducing landfill waste is always worth the extra time. Talk to places like Jp Salvage & Core for more information.