Is air conditioner maintenance on your spring cleaning checklist? If not, it should be. Before you begin using your air conditioner unit for the summer, it's important to clean the unit, make sure it's running properly, and make any repairs needed. However, you don't want to wait until summer begins to perform a seasonal inspection. Learn why a routine air conditioner inspection and maintenance should be a spring cleaning priority.


Timing is one of the most important reasons to inspect your air conditioning unit in the spring. If you wait until summer begins, you could be stuck living in a sweltering house while you wait for your unit to be repaired. Performing a routine inspection in the spring allows you to get any problems resolved before the weather gets too hot and your local air conditioner contractors have overflowing schedules.

Repair Costs

Air conditioning contractors are in high demand during the summer, which means they can charge top dollar for their services. By taking care of any repairs needed in the spring, you could save a few bucks.

Energy Costs

When you neglect to perform routine air conditioner inspections and maintenance, you increase the amount of energy your unit uses, which increases your utility bills. In fact, it may surprise you to discover just how much energy you save by maintaining your air conditioner unit. For example, replacing the filter in your air conditioner unit can lower your air conditioner's energy consumption by between five and 15 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

You also need to check your AC unit's coolant levels. When air conditioner units are low on coolant, it costs more money to operate them. So, check the coolant levels, and if they are low, call a local air conditioner contractor to have your unit recharged before the summer cooling season is in full swing.

So, if you're concerned about your utility costs increasing during the summer, add tasks such as cleaning your air conditioner unit coils, removing debris from around your AC unit, and testing how well the unit runs, to your spring cleaning checklist.

The longer you avoid taking care of repairs that your AC unit needs, the more discomfort and money it's going to cost you. So, save yourself some money, and a lot of aggravation, by making routine air conditioning maintenance part of your spring cleaning routine instead of waiting until summer to get the job done.