For you to feel secure in your home, you need a durable roof. However, some homeowners may decide to take shortcuts and enlist the services of uncertified handymen to fix their roofing problems. Not only are the chances of having shoddy work done high, but unlicensed handymen can end up compromising the entire structural integrity of the home. Here are some of the different roofing services offered by a certified contractor.

Thorough roof inspections

Homeowners should make a point of scheduling a routine roof inspection. Generally, it is advised to do so after every three to five years depending on the shape of your roof. Thus, younger roofs can have a longer period in between inspections. However, you can go ahead and schedule an inspection with your chosen contractor right before winter. This is due to the strain your roof will have to endure with ice, contraction and expansion of building materials and more. Additionally, you can schedule a roofing inspection if your locality has undergone extreme weather changes in the recent past such as snowstorm or a tornado. The roof inspection will enable the contractor to detect any minor issues that could develop into major roofing problems and fix them in good time.

Gutter maintenance

An often-overlooked aspect of roofs is the gutter system. Yet for them to function optimally, they also need to be serviced by roofing contractors. So what does this service entail? For one, the contractor can come in and thoroughly clean the gutters for you. This is a task homeowners tend to abhor. This is because it involves a lot of exertion and you will be working at elevated heights. A trained professional will have the appropriate gear as well as the insurance for working in risky conditions. Once cleaned, they can then undertake gutter repairs. This will involve seeking out any leaks and patching them up appropriately. The contractor can also straighten the gutters if they have become crooked over time. This will improve the flow of runoff away from your home. Lastly, the contractor can proffer you a gutter solution for future cleanings. If your gutters are badly damaged, roofing services also encompass gutter replacements.

Roof repairs and replacement

The most common roof repair required from certified contractors is replacement of worn shingles. Since they come into direct contact with the prevailing weather conditions, they tend to succumb to wear and tear faster. However, there are other types of repairs that can be carried out on your roof. These include fixing chimney leaks, ceiling leaks, valley leaks and more. If your roof is old and you live in an area prone to unfavorable weather conditions, then a professional roof replacement should provide your home with a durable solution. For more information, contact a professional like K&R Roofing and Gutters.