Having an attractive storefront for your business is important because it sends a message to the customer; nice window decor, catchy signs, and manicured landscaping are all ways to increase the attractiveness of your storefront. One part of a business' exterior that often gets neglected, however, is the parking lot. Whether it's in the front or the back of the store, it's easy to forget that the parking lot sends a message about your business just as much as the actual storefront does.

Performing regular maintenance to your parking lot, especially one made with asphalt, will not only look good to your customers, but it will also prevent costly repairs in the future. Follow these dos and don'ts for maintaining an asphalt parking lot to keep the exterior of your business looking fresh and inviting.

DO: Sweep your parking lot regularly. Debris such as leaves and trash might seem harmless, but if enough debris builds up, it can prevent water from draining properly. When water builds up on the surface of the asphalt, it can make the asphalt deteriorate very quickly. Simply sweeping the parking lot daily can prevent this from occurring.  

DON'T: Let potholes get too big. A small pothole won't do too much damage, but the bigger the pothole gets, the more expensive it is to fix, and the more it can damage the entire asphalt surface. Patching up the pothole as soon as you see it is sufficient enough to prevent future problems.

DO: Use a seal coating. A seal coating is a material that adds a protective layer to the asphalt. It repels water and chemicals and helps protect the surface of the asphalt from the effects of the weather. Seal coating your parking lot will not only make it look better, but it will increase the lifespan of the asphalt.

DON'T: Ignore fuel or oil stains. It's only natural for a parking lot to have a lot of fuel or oil stains, but the longer the stains sit, the more they deteriorate the surface of the asphalt. Fortunately, fuel and oil stains are easy to clean. Pour some club soda on the stain and wash it off the next day. Regularly cleaning fuel and oil stains will not only protect the asphalt, but it will help improve the appearance of the parking lot.

Parking lots are high traffic areas, so it's no wonder they sustain a lot of wear and tear. Following these dos and don'ts will ensure your parking lot makes a good impression on your customers for years to come. If you need help, contact a local repair firm, like Hals Construction.