Grabbing a wrench, some plumber's tape and a how-to manual can help you get through a number of basic plumbing-related tasks around your home, from solving a toilet that fills noisily to fixing a sink that doesn't drain quickly enough. While the right tools and some step-by-step tips can prove valuable, there are times that you'll face a task that you definitely don't want to get wrong. Facing one of these jobs means that it's time to call a licensed plumber who has the skill to complete the job safely, up to code and in a timely manner. Here are three signs that it's time to get a professional involved.

Constantly Running Toilet

A toilet that runs is often easy for a homeowner to address with a basic toilet repair kit available at any home improvement store. If you've tried this approach but it hasn't fixed the problem, it's time to call an expert before flushing more money away. A constantly running toilet is often indicative of a slow leak in the tank. A plumber can inspect the tank and bowl, determine the exact reason for your issue and repair it in short order. In the event the toilet is an old eyesore and you're not keen on investing more money into it, your plumber can replace the fixture quicker than you can read steps on how to do the job yourself.

Low Pressure From Several Fixtures

Experiencing low pressure from one sink can mean that the faucet is clogged with mineral deposits, which is a simple task to complete on your own. If you experience a shortage of pressure from a number of fixtures throughout your home, however, you're getting a signal that there might be something more serious at play. This symptom is often indicative of a problem with low pressure from the city's water line into your home or can arise from rust that has built up throughout many of your home's pipes. A licensed plumber can tap in to your water lines to diagnose the problem and figure out the best way to fix it.

Drips Below Pipes Under Fixtures

Part of being a homeowner is regularly checking the condition of your fixtures, and if you notice even a couple small drips below the pipes under your sink, for example, you shouldn't try to deal with this job yourself. While stop-gap measures such as re-wrapping the pipes with plumber's tape can provide a temporary fix, there's a chance that something serious is causing the leak and only someone with experience can spot the issue. Replacing fixture pipes is second nature to experienced plumbers (like those at A Absolute Plumbing & Heating) and the job will be done right in very little time.