If you are in the process of upgrading and remodeling your kitchen, it helps to really understand how the entire process of upgrading your kitchen will work. Here is a quick guide to all the steps involved in having a granite countertop installed in your kitchen.

Choosing The Granite Tile

The first step in getting new granite countertops installed in your kitchen involves you choosing the granite that you want to use in your kitchen. Granite comes in a wide variety of patterns, colors and price points for the raw stone. You'll have to decide what color and pattern fits the vision you have for your new countertops and you'll have to make sure that your choice fits your budget as well.

Creating A Template

Around the same time you choose the granite tile that you want to use in your home, your contractor will come out and measure all of your countertops. They will use these measurements to create a template in their shop of your countertops. This template is basically like a giant stencil of your countertops that they will use to cut the stone you choose into the correct shape. Granite is generally sold in large slabs and has to be cut down using a template in order to fit correctly on your countertops.

Choosing The Exact Stone You Want

Once you've selected the stone you want to use and your contractor has created a template of your countertops, you'll want to go down to their workplace and work with them match up the template with the exact areas of the stone that you want to use. Every piece of granite is different, and will have different patterns and colorations throughout. If you really want to control how your countertops will end up looking, you should go to their workshop and show them exactly how you want your stone cut.

Removing Appliances

Next, either your contractor will remove any appliances in your kitchen so they have the room to install your new countertops or they will ask you to remove these appliances. Removing them yourself will save you a little money on installation costs, but will take some time and some teamwork. If you are replacing your appliances, all new appliances should be installed after your new countertops are in place.

Installation Day

On the day of installation, your contractor will bring the cut slabs of granite to your home and will lay them in place on top of your cabinets. They will use silicone caulk and other hardeners to secure your new granite countertops in place. If any piece does not fit correctly, they will re-cut it on the spot. You will need to allow your countertops to dry and settle in place for at least a day before your appliances, such as your new stove and new sink, are installed.

Getting new granite countertops involves multiple steps and will take multiple days for the entire process to take place; however, once your new granite countertops are in place you will be able to enjoy them for years to come.