If you are tired of the cost to heat your home, there are ways to make your heating oil last a bit longer that may also help to maintain a cleaner heating system this winter. Talk with heating professionals about possible ways that you can enhance and optimize the performance of your boiler, as well as about potential savings or programs that could curb home heating costs.

Four ways that you can make your heating oil last longer and burn cleaner include:

1.Check your heating system.

When you are considering ways to curb heating costs, the first thing to do is evaluate your current heating system. If your boiler is ten years old or older, you may want to consider upgrading to a high-efficiency burner. The installation costs of this upgrade will pay for itself over time with a more efficient, effective heat distribution and reduced heating oil costs.

2.Consider an additive.

There are some new and innovative additives that can be used to optimize the efficiency of the heating oil running through your system and burn cleaner. This will keep your system running smoothly, while also reducing sediment build-up in your boiler, and curb rust or corrosion in the pipes. Heating oil additives may also increase the life-span of your boiler, equipment, and system.

3.Schedule annual cleanings.

It is imperative to schedule annual service appointments to have your boiler and furnace cleaned, which is also the right time to have the system assessed for potential problems or issues. This also helps to ensure that your system is working at peak performance; even a slight issue or decrease in performance can prove costly over the course of the winter.

4.Program your thermostat.

If you turn your thermostat back 10° to 15° for 8 hours, you can save 5% to 15% a year on your heating bill. A programmed thermostat creates an efficient, constant flow of heat, without the spikes in jacking up or turning down your heating system thermostat, and it allows you to moderate and control the temperature- whether you are at home or not.

Make the most of your heating oil this winter and use these tactics to keep heating costs as low as possible. Talk with heating professionals, such as Self Heating Cooling, about your current system, potential additives, routine cleanings, and programmable thermostats; these tactics will not only keep your system cleaner and hassle-free, but it may also make your heating oil last a bit longer during the chilly months ahead.