Asbestos is an industrial material that has a variety of applications. While its main uses include stopping fires and insulation, it can be used in anything from flooring to paint. If you move into a house that was built between the 40s and the 70s, you should have it inspected for asbestos. If you find asbestos, it does not mean that your home has to be demolished or that you have to undergo a vast remodel. You should discuss your options with an asbestos abatement specialist. 

What Makes Asbestos a Danger?

Asbestos will pose no risk to your house as long as it stays intact. When asbestos starts to break down, it will separate into little fibers with a lot of rough edges. When you inhale these fibers, they can damage your lungs. Thus, your biggest concern should be making sure nothing happens that will damage the asbestos. 

Option 1: Encapsulation

One way to eliminate the threat posed by asbestos is to add something to it that will prevent it from breaking apart. This may be a paint, a glue, or some other binding agent. For example, if you have paint on your walls that includes asbestos, you can paint over it with something that will bind to the asbestos and prevent it from breaking apart. 

Option 2: Enclosure

A second option is to place a covering over or around the material that contains the asbestos. For example, if you have asbestos in your flooring, you could place another flooring over it to prevent damage to the asbestos. You will want to hire someone who is aware of the damage posed by asbestos to cover the flooring and make sure that they don't do anything when installing the flooring that could cause damage to it. Enclosure is best for asbestos that is in risk of damage because it is in a high traffic area. 

Options 3: Elimination

If you have asbestos in your home that has already been damaged, tampering with it at all can put yourself and others at risk. Thus, your best option is to have someone who knows what they are doing remove the asbestos from your home. 

While you can save money by doing a lot of work around your home on your own, you should leave some chores up to carefully trained professionals. Asbestos abatement is exactly such a chore. To make sure the threat posed by asbestos is safely mitigated, consult with an asbestos abatement company and follow their recommendations.