You may have seen a growing trend in metal buildings that people aren't just using for storage or as warehouses, but as actual homes. Copying classic designs of farmhouses, barns, and even split-level housing, metal homes are attractive and becoming a popular building style for new construction for many reasons. Discover why a home made of steel may be the next place you call home.

Energy savings

Homes built out of steel with metal finishes save a surprising amount of energy, as much as 25% naturally throughout the home. This is due, in many ways, to the durable material comprising the home's structure as well as the reflective finish of the home's entire surface that keeps the sun's rays at bay. Add energy-efficient windows and appliances, and a metal-built home can lower energy costs common to household daily function by an incredible amount. Energy savings equal cash savings in heating and electric bills and can raise a home's overall value.

Cost savings

Steel is one of the cheapest materials to build with on a pound-per-pound basis. It's also extremely durable and withstands water damage, high winds, and other issues that can wear houses down and result in costly repairs. Steel homes cost around $55 per square foot to build, which is around 30% cheaper than the traditional home costs to build using wood and other materials. With these savings, customers can spread their budget to include customized decks, roofs, and other additions, or they can pocket the difference.

Time savings

Traditionally, steel structures don't take as long to finish as wooden structures do. This means you can have a completed steel home in less time than it would take to build an original stick-built home. So not only can you build a home cheaper and have it require less maintenance, you can move in to your finished home more quickly. Since steel requires very little maintenance and the finishing metals for the exterior can be purchased in a variety of colors, you don't have to factor in painting or siding as part of the finishing process.

If you are considering building a new home or are just curious about the wonders of a steel home, talk to a metal building contractor to discuss the benefits of upgrading to steel. You may be surprised at the many ways a metal home can be cozy and cost-effective. Soon you will see just why so many of these types of homes are cropping up everywhere.