Spray foam insulation is a versatile product that can be used in many different areas around your house. If you are just looking to add a little extra insulation to your door and window casings, spray foam cans work great. These are easy to use, affordable and can be bought at most home improvement stores. These cans are only really suitable for smaller areas. If you want to add insulation to your stud bays, you need to invest in a cellulose sprayer. However, disposable spray cans are perfect for most door and window casings.

Removing the Decorative Molding

Doors and windows are made in a factory where they are hung to a casing. Then, the casing is fitted in the hose frame during the installation. There is often a gap between the casing and the frame. This is the area that you want to fill with spray foam insulation. But this gap is usually covered by molding, so you need to remove the molding before spraying the foam. 

Removing the molding is actually very easy. All you need is a utility knife, hammer and a few flathead screwdrivers. First, cut the casing away from the molding with a knife. Then, drive the flathead screwdrivers underneath the molding so you can pry it away from the wall. Prying from multiple points at once reduces the risk of cracking the molding. Set the molding aside because you will want to reattach it later.  

Filling in the Cavity

Spray foam cans come with a small hose that you can snake deep into the space between the frame and the casing. Basically, you want to spray the foam until it completely fills in the gap and starts to protrude out. Don't worry if the insulation sticks out further than the wall. You can easily cut it away after it dries. You will probably go through one two cans for a full-size door.

The insulation works extremely well if you fill in the entire cavity. It prevents air leakage and also helps to reinforce the door or window casing. It will feel more solid and it won't shift when you open and close the fixture. This is especially helpful on doors because they are constantly slammed.

To finish the job, you just need to reattach the molding. This requires an air compressor and nail gun kit. These can be rented and are very easy to use. You should also recaulk both edges of the molding. Contact a company like Fortune Insulation Contractors Inc for more info.