When properly maintained, tankless water heaters typically don't develop problems, which can save you money in repair costs, among other benefits. Most of the time, when these appliances fail to provide adequate hot water, it's due to external or environmental factors. Here are two reasons your tankless water heater may not be providing adequate hot water anymore.

Problems with the Gas Line

One common cause of hot water issues in tankless water heaters that use gas is incorrect piping. This is commonly an issue with do-it-yourselfers who install these appliances using pipe sizes that are smaller than what's recommended by the manufacturer. When the supply line is too small, it doesn't feed enough gas to the appliance at a rate that lets the tankless water heater keep up with demand.

The easiest fix for this, of course, is to consult the manual or manufacturer's website for the size pipe you should be using and making sure that's what's installed.

Another problem that could be causing inadequate hot water production is low gas pressure. Many times this will be related to incorrect piping. However, sometimes the issue originates from the gas meter. If the meter doesn't have the capacity to supply the amount of gas needed by the tankless water heater, then you will also experience hot water problems. Again, consult the manufacturer and then contact the gas company to see if you can get an upgraded meter to accommodate your tankless appliance.

Clogged and Dirt

Restrictions in the water flow can also lead to inadequate hot water supply. The most common reason for flow problems is a dirty filter. Cleaning or changing the filter and making an effort to keep it clear may solve this problem and prevent it in the future.

However, another possible reason for clogs is hard water, which is water that has a high mineral content. These excess minerals can cause a buildup in the line, leading to clogs that negatively impact water flow. Additionally, the minerals can get into the appliance's heat exchanger and damage it, leading to costly repairs and reducing the lifespan of the appliance.

This particular problem can be resolved by using a descaling solution to clean out buildup from the water line. Installing a water softener or other descaling device can prevent the return of hard water problems.

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