There is a small hose that leads from your aC condenser unit to your building. If this hose is damaged or loose, your condenser will not be able to perform. This hose needs to be airtight to ensure that airflow in and out of your condenser is not slowed down. If air is leaky at this juncture, your AC will cost a little more to run. Since the hose is outside and on the ground, it can get damaged in a number of ways. This article explains how to remove and replace your condenser hose.

Inspecting Your Hose

Your hose can get damaged or knocked loose in a variety of ways. A rodent could chew through it, or it could just get accidentally kicked, causing the end to pop out of the fitting. This is why it is important to always check on your hose to make sure it is in good shape. If you take and look and notice that your hose needs to be replaced, you should do it immediately. Not only will you be losing air and money if your hose has holes or punctures, you also run the risk of damaging other parts of your system. For instance, dirt can get sucked into the condenser through the hose, where it can clog the coils from the inside.

Removing the Old Hose

It is very easy to remove your old hose by loosening the screws in the hose clamps on each end of the hose. To make life easier, just take your old hose to the store with you when you go to buy a new one. This way you can be sure that your replacement hose is the correct length and gauge. You should also use brand new hose clamps to install your new hose.

Attaching the New Hose

Attaching the new hose clamp is very simple with a handheld screwdriver. However, you want to be certain that the fittings are clean before attaching the hose. The fitting on the back of the condenser unit is particularly vulnerable to getting clogged, especially if there were holes in your old hose. You can also reinforce the clamps by wrapping them in duct tape. This will help reduce the risk of them getting knocked loose.

The simple and cheap replacement of a new condenser hose will not take up too much of your time or money. Nonetheless, it is a worthwhile repair that will help ensure your unit is productive. For bigger issues, check out websites like