Dirty windows don't just look bad on the inside of your home, they can also look bad to your neighbors passing by. For this reason, you want to work towards keeping the glass clean. While traditional window cleaner can help you move towards this goal, there are other things you can do to keep your windows cleaner. Here are some tips to help you move towards this goal.  

Use The Right Cloth

If you clean your windows when you're cleaning the rest of your house, make sure you are using the right cloth. Even if you're wiping water from the dining table and then using the same cloth to clean your windows, you're making a mistake. Only use a clean cloth to clean your glass.

While you can use the same cloth on multiple windows, you don't want to use the cloth to clean several different surfaces. When you do so, you're only transferring more dirt onto the glass. The result will generally be glass that looks like it has a film over it or that is streaky. Dedicate one cloth solely for use on your window for the best result.

Clean Your Filter

Ensure your air filter is clean. When the filter is dirty, this increases the number of pollutants that are found in the air. This doesn't just decrease the air quality in your home, but the pollutants that normally would not be inside your home end up resting on the surfaces inside your home, including the windows.

These air pollutants can leave behind a thick, grimy-like substance on the glass. To avoid this, ensure you are making it a regular habit to clean your filter or replace it, depending on the instructions.

Know When To Replace

Windows do have somewhat of an expiration period. If your windows are on the older side and nothing you're doing seems to be helping, it might be time to upgrade the windows in your home. Over the years, hard water deposits, dirt and pollutants in the air can settle on the glass, leaving behind a thick, cloudy haze.

In some instances, this haze is simply on the surface and can be cleaned away. However, sometimes the glass becomes etched with this cloudy like substance, which can't be removed. If you have a haze forming on the glass and other issues happening with your windows, consider an update.

Follow these tips to keep the windows in your home cleaner. A residential glass expert can help you. For more information, visit websites like http://www.centralglassutah.com.