When you want the brick look on the exterior of your home, you usually plan to have the entire exterior redone in brick, but that can get quite expensive. What you may not know is that there are two other, less expensive means of getting a brick-look exterior without the full masonry price. Here are your options, from most to least expensive.

Full Brick Exterior

For a full brick exterior, all of the siding you currently have is torn away. Foam board insulation also will replace any fiberglass insulation you have. Then, the foundation is made level so that the brick walls do not tumble and crumble from a lopsided or sinking foundation. Then masons come in and begin building up brick walls, securing them to the side of the house at various stages of building until the walls reach the roof. All told, you are looking at tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the size of your house.

Half Brick Exterior

A half brick exterior uses the same methods and techniques as the full brick exterior, except that every brick used is cut in half. This cuts the material costs in half as well, which is where your savings come in. The contractor buys "x" amount of bricks, which are pre-cut in half and ready for installation and wall-building when they are delivered to your property. Everything else about the job is typically the same.

Faux Brick Siding/Laminate

This is a brilliant new product that replaces traditional siding with the look of brick. Sheets of thick-cut laminate have "bricks" of varying colors interspersed with fake mortar. It even feels like brick when you touch it because the manufacturers gave the faux bricks a very gritty texture. If your budget is really tight, but you still really want the look of brick on your home's exterior, you can choose this option.

As for installation, the process is much simpler. Your old siding is removed. The insulation is checked, but it does not have to be removed if it is still holding up and meets building codes. Then the faux brick is nailed into the vertical stud boards on all sides of your house. The installation is very quick, and there is no need to wait for mortar to dry or wait for warm days to complete this project because the "mortar" in these faux brick walls is already "set."

For more information about your brick options, talk with a professional company, or check out websites like http://www.cabcoaz.com.