An above-ground pool is a terrific alternative to an in-ground pool for many families. It requires less maintenance, takes up less room in your yard, and usually has a lower installation cost. Now is the time to make sure you are ready to enjoy your above-ground pool when warm weather arrives. One way to enhance your enjoyment of your aquatic space is to add a deck. Check out a few reasons that adding a deck to your above-ground deck is a great investment.

1. Decks Eliminate the Need for Exterior Pool Ladders

Some pool users do not like having to climb an exterior pool ladder in order to use the pool. They may have mobility issues, or they may find the height of the ladder daunting. With a pool deck, your guests can get easily maneuver into your pool without having to climb.

When it is time to get out of the pool, you will still need to use the pool's interior ladder to exit. However, many find that this ladder is easier to use thanks to the buoyancy provided by the water.

2. You Have a Dedicated Space for Lounging and Snacking During Pool Time

If you like to use the exterior of your home for activities other than swimming, a pool deck helps you define which area pool guests should use when they are swimming at your home. You can outfit your deck with lounge chairs so that you have a place to rest and read during your pool time. An outside dining table is an excellent spot to have a snack or even a poolside dinner during a fun swimming session.

3. A Deck Can Help You Keep Outsiders Out of Your Pool

Once concern that some pool owners have is that neighbors will try to use their pool when they are out of town or at work. A deck can help provide a physical deterrent to keep outsiders away from your pool. If you decide to have your deck built so that it completely encircles your pool, you can add a locking gate to the deck's access point.

Most pool decks are high enough that outsiders will not try to climb the gate or hop over the railing. Check local regulations in your area to see if there are any official height guidelines for structures designed to block off pools.

A deck can also keep your children and guests where they are supposed to be. For example, you may have a separate area of your yard that you use when the pool is not in use. The deck prevents pool users from easily accessing this forbidden area.

Are you ready to add a deck to your pool? Contact pool repair services such as Heritage Pool Plastering, Inc. to learn more about the process.