The condition of the roof is an essential aspect of home care and maintenance. In particular, thorough roofing inspections can be essential to keeping the roof safe from some serious issues that can arise.

Can You Perform Your Own Roof Inspection?

There is an assumption among some people that it will be possible for them to perform a roof inspection without hiring a professional. Sadly, this can be a serious mistake to make for a variety of reasons. One of the more serious will be the risk of suffering injury or damaging the roof. Another reason for avoiding doing this work without hiring a professional is due to the difficulty of identifying roofing damage. This is especially difficult for individuals that have little or no experience with roofing or construction work.  

Is It Ever Required To Have The Roof Inspected?

While homeowners are advised to have one of these inspections done on a fairly regular schedule, there are some instances where a roofing inspection may be required. For example, if you are selling your home, the buyer may request this type of inspection before submitting a bid. Also, some homeowner associations will have rules mandating this type of maintenance be done due to the unsightly appearance unmaintained roofs can have.

Does The Time Of Year Matter When Scheduling These Inspections?

Annual roofing inspections are something that can be easily neglected by a homeowner. Typically, homeowners should have this inspection done before the heaviest precipitation can be expected. For those living in cold climates, this may be during the fall before the snow arrives. Conversely, individuals that live in areas with moist and rainy summers may want to have the inspection done during the early spring. Individuals that live in areas with heavy snowfall during the winter and very wet summers may want to have two roof inspections done each year. Also, individuals that have old homes or roofs may want to opt for having these inspections done twice a year.

Is A Roofing Inspections Disruptive Or Lengthy?

Luckily, the process of having your roof thoroughly inspected will not be as lengthy as you may assume. For those with average-sized homes, this inspection may be completed within a couple of hours. Furthermore, most roofing inspectors will not need for the homeowner to be present when this is done. Rather, they will be able to call you to inform you of the results while also preparing a formal report of the inspection results.