At your thrift store, you might take donations and then turn around and sell the products that come in to the public. Fairly regularly, though, you might end up with a lot of products that can't be sold at your thrift store for one reason or another. You could wonder what to do with all of these items, but these tips will help with dealing with items that won't sell.

Avoid Accepting Everything

You might feel bad about turning down donations from well-meaning individuals in your community, but there is nothing wrong with putting some rules in place about the items that you can and cannot take. For example, you may want to tell people who are interested in donating to your store that you only accept items that are in good condition and that you don't accept clothing with holes or other damaged items. This can help you greatly cut down on items that you aren't going to be able to sell.

Give Them Away

You may have certain items that come into your thrift store that you can't sell because they aren't in great condition but that might still be in good enough condition that they can be given away to others. For example, you might receive clothing that is faded but that doesn't have holes. In these cases, you may be able to donate these items to needy people in your area, or you can give them away for free to customers who come in to shop at your thrift store. Then, you can find out if there might be others out there who can make use of them.

Keep a Dumpster On-Site

There are probably going to be some items that come into your thrift store that really need to be thrown away. Well-meaning people might donate furniture that is damaged or clothing that is overly worn out, for example. It is definitely a good idea to work with a dumpster rental company and to keep a dumpster on-site. Then, you can have it dumped on a weekly basis or when needed. This makes it easy for you and the workers or volunteers at your thrift store to get rid of donated items that can't be sold and any other garbage that might need to be disposed of.

There are a lot of different ways that you can deal with products that can't be sold at your thrift store. By following the tips above, you can help prevent these items from piling up. For more information, reach out to companies like Michael's Rolloff Solutions.