After a heavy rain, are you finding that your garage floor becomes coated with water? Your garage door shouldn't allow any water to seep in underneath it. In fact, the garage shouldn't become flooded when the door is open. If you're having water issues in your garage, there's a few things that need to be done. Here, you'll find a few maintenance tips and upgrades to consider adding to your garage door.

Clean and Inspect the Rubber Weather Seal

Open your garage door about half-way—you see that rubber part that runs across the base of the door? Well, that's the weather seal. Each year, when you clean your garage door, you need to also clean and inspect the weather seal.

Over time, that seal can dry out and begin to break and deteriorate. So, if you've not had problems with a wet garage in the past, but have recently been pushing the water out of the garage after a rain, the problem could be that the seal needs to be replaced.

Tip: Once you clean the seal, apply a coat of rubber-treatment to it. This product will condition the rubber and prevent it from drying out and cracking. If the cracks have already formed, it's too late, but you can use this type of product to protect the new seal once you have it in place.

Install a Threshold

If your garage is at the bottom of a hill, the run off from the driveway could be more than even a brand new weather seal can block. So, you will need to install a threshold. If you already have a threshold in the floor at the opening of the garage door, clean and inspect it. If it has become damaged, it will only contribute to the water problem.

Thresholds can be rubber or metal—you can even have it formed of asphalt if your driveway is asphalt. It's just a bump that keeps the water from flowing into the garage. Just be sure that the water has somewhere to flow—a drainage ditch or pipe leading from the garage, away from the house.

Inspect the Door Itself

If the garage door is damaged, water will blow through it when the storms are bad enough. Small cracks or even air leaks around the windows can allow for the rain to enter the garage. If your garage door is older, talk with your garage door maintenance professional to find out what could be causing your problem. It might be time for a whole new door, threshold, and weather seal.

For more information, contact a garage door maintenance service in your area.