If you want a fence for your yard, then wood fencing is a good choice. Wood is a traditional fence material that goes well with all kinds of properties. Here's why a privacy fence is desirable for city living and why wood is an excellent material for a new privacy fence.

The Benefits Of A Privacy Fence

If your main reason for wanting a fence is to keep your dog in the yard, then a privacy fence is ideal for that and has other benefits too. A privacy fence contains your dog and it blocks the view so there's less chance your dog will bark at everything that passes on the sidewalk or when your neighbors are in the yard. A privacy fence can also offer a little bit of a sound barrier so sounds from street noises or loud neighbors are muffled. The fence can also act as a windbreak so your dog and kids can play outside and be protected from the chilly wind. Another benefit of a privacy fence is that it improves home security by keeping intruders out of your yard.

Plus, a privacy fence prevents nosy neighbors from watching you as you work in your yard, lounge in the sun, or splash in your pool. You can't get all of these benefits from a fence you can see through such as an aluminum or chain link fence.

The Advantages Of Wood Fencing

Once you've decided to have a privacy fence installed, you still have to choose if you want wood, vinyl, or composite fencing. If you want a classic and traditional look for your property, then wood is the best choice. Wood is also an affordable option, although you can buy expensive types of wood too. Pressure-treated lumber is a common choice among homeowners because it's an affordable fencing material, but you can also choose cedar or redwood if you want something a little more exotic.

Wood fencing is attractive, and it's also durable as long as you maintain it properly. A wood fence lasts longer if you stain it regularly. The stain acts as a water protective barrier that helps prevent the rotting of the wood. The stain also preserves the wood's natural color and beauty. However, if you don't want to keep up with staining the wood, you can let wood age naturally and develop a silver patina, which can also be attractive. Wood fencing can be built in a number of styles. You may want a traditional stockade fence, but you could also have an attractive shadow box fence built or a fence with a lattice top.

Wood fences have a reputation for needing a lot of work, but any fence will need to be cleaned and repaired over the course of its life, and the extra work needed by a wood fence is usually worth it when you want natural, attractive fencing for your yard. A wood fencing company can show you all the options in wood types and styles so you install a fence that's perfect for your property and budget.

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