If you have a basement that gets wet when you get a heavy rain, you can't risk turning the basement into a storage room or family room because your things might get ruined. You'll need a waterproofing solution first, and one common option is a sump pump. Since you have different options for waterproofing a basement, you may wonder if a sump pump installation is a good choice. Here are some points that can guide your decision.

If Another Method Would Be Disruptive

A good thing about a sump pump installation is that all the work is done in the basement, so your yard doesn't have to be dug up. It's possible to waterproof your basement from the outside by digging a trench to bury a drain or by covering the exterior foundation walls with a waterproof membrane. However, this also involves tearing up your yard and driving heavy equipment over your lawn. You can avoid this disruption by choosing to have a sump pump installed. This might entail busting through the concrete in your basement to install drains and a well to collect the water, but the mess is contained and easy to clean up.

When You Want Assurance During Strong Storms

A sump pump only works when you need it. If your basement only gets wet during prolonged and heavy rain, the pump will probably be idle most of the time. However, it will spring to work when water enters your basement. Water falls into drains and flows to a collection well. When the water is high enough, the pump kicks on and moves the water out of the basement so it won't spill on the floor. A sump pump can have a backup battery so it works even if the power goes out. This gives you peace of mind that water will be removed even when there is a prolonged or heavy rain in your area. If you're planning to finish your basement, then you definitely want a waterproofing method that's effective and that has a built-in backup that prevents flooding.

When Cost Is A Factor

While you want a waterproofing method you can rely on, you also want one you can afford. When cost matters, a sump pump is often the best choice. Exterior waterproofing usually costs much more since it involves the use of heavy equipment. Plus, you have to consider the cost of replacing your lawn and landscaping. Get quotes for different types of waterproofing so you can make the right choice for your budget. Just keep in mind, there may be times when you don't have a choice. For instance, putting in a sump pump with interior drains may be the only option if your property doesn't have enough space for equipment to maneuver outdoors.