At one time, brick was the chosen masonry material for paths. Indeed, entire roadways were constructed of brick. Many of those roadways are still in use. Well, you can utilize this age-old masonry service to provide beauty to your yard. Below are some steps to take to design a wow-worthy brick walkway.

Select the Bricks

The first step is to select the bricks for your walkway. The classic is red brick, which also makes a complementary counter to green landscaping. However, bricks also come in the following colors:

  • White
  • Cream
  • Gray
  • Tan
  • Pink
  • Brown
  • Black

You can choose bricks that are all one color or multiple colors of brick for your walkway. Look at existing hardscaping for inspiration. Also, keep in mind you can have your walkway made with reclaimed bricks. Besides the obvious benefit of recycling a product, you also get beautiful variations in shape and color.

Choose a Masonry Pattern

Another design benefit of brick walkways is the fact that masons lay them in different patterns. The standard pattern is a running bond. However, the mason can also use herringbone or basketweave pattern. You also have variations of those patterns, such as a running and stack bond or a boxed basket weave.

Your walkway doesn't have to consist of just one pattern. You might choose the body of the path to feature one pattern while another borders it. The pattern or patterns you choose will affect whether the path feels like it's moving visitors along or encouraging them to meander.

Devise a Path

Probably the most important aspect of a walkway is the path it takes. The ultimate purpose of a walkway is to get visitors from one point to another. If you want to stick to that purpose, you may devise a straight path.

Garden paths, though, have the secondary purpose of encouraging visitors to appreciate your landscaping. To that end, you may want to devise a path with curves. The curves should overlook an interesting area of landscaping. For instance, you might devise a path that leads straight to a garden bed before curving around it.

Border the Walkway

The final aspect of your brick walkway will be a border. As mentioned above, you might have the masons lay bricks in a complementary pattern to border your pathway. For instance, a stacked bond edge could complement a herringbone walkway.

You can also border the brick pathway in other ways. You might choose a different color of brick or a different material altogether. If you want to encourage visitors to stay on the walkway, you may even border it with a raised edge or deliberate plantings.

Design a beautiful brick walkway that will wow your visitors.