Picture this: It is Friday night, and you just discovered that you have sewer backup problems in your basement. It is a foul sight, and worse, foul odors. You are tempted to let it go unaddressed until Monday to avoid paying an emergency plumber what an emergency plumber is usually paid on a job like this. Here is a bit of advice; do not do that. Instead, get the emergency plumber out as soon as possible. Here are three reasons why sewer backup discovered on a Friday night cannot be left as-is until Monday morning. 

Methane Gas

Methane gas exists in all fecal deposits. It builds up inside sewer pipes, but it is usually moved along and deposited into city sewers (or your septic tank, if applicable). However, when you have a ton of solid and liquid waste backed up into your home, that methane gas comes with it. It does not just smell bad, either. It is actually toxic, and it can affect the brain and nerve functioning when there is enough of it. If you leave this sewer issue in your basement go until Monday, you may be feeling the effects of the methane gas long before that, especially if you have all of the windows in your home closed that entire time. 

Every Time You Flush or Run a Water Appliance, the Mess Gets Bigger

If you need proof that the mess will get bigger, have someone stand by the toilet, and then you go down into the basement and watch the backed-up drain. Give the person upstairs the signal to flush. All of that water that was just sent down the toilet bowl's drain will come gushing up through the backed-up drain in the floor. That will happen every time your family members use the toilet over the weekend, every time someone takes a shower, every time someone turns on a faucet and runs water, and every time you wash clothes or wash dishes in the dishwasher. Waiting the entire weekend could make this whole situation much, much worse. 

With the Mess Come the Pests

Know what follows sewer messes into your home? Bug pests and sewer insects will follow. Everything from flies and drain moths to roaches are content to roll into and through this sewer puddle, and they often lay eggs in it too. Do not give the insects free access to your home. Call the emergency plumbing contractor right away.