If you own rural property, you may want to enhance the scenic views. The entrance driveway is an important feature, which can often traverse rough terrain. Rather than conventional backfill and pavement, build a timber bridge to enhance the scenic driveway to your home. The following design ideas will help give you an attractive scenic driveway:

Suspension Design With Home Arches

If you want a unique design for the timber bridge to your home, you may want to consider a suspension design. This can be done with arched girders and open designs that support the timber frame. The design can be done with timber trusses or have other attractive structural features like cabling that support the deck. This is a great solution to keep the natural terrain like creeks and streams free of obstructions.

Steel Supports With Timber Finishes

Sometimes, you may want to have a bridge design with more support for your driveway's vehicle traffic. Therefore, you may want to have a bridge that can support the weight of a pickup, tractor, or any other equipment you use. This can be done with a concrete and steel foundation for the bridge. The main support for the bridge can be steel beams, while the rest of the design can be finished with natural timber materials.

Covered Timber Bridge for Attractive Entrances

One of the best timber bridge designs to add to the scenic views is a covered design. Today, several covered bridge designs can be used for the driveway to your home. These can be classic designs with traditional timber framing. They can also be more modern designs that fuse contemporary design into timber bridge construction with natural materials. The timber bridges can also have attractive architectural details that enhance the appearance of the design.

Simple Timber Bridge Designs With Engineered Beams

Another option to consider for your driveway bridge design is a simple design with beams and a decked surface. These can be bridges that are built with engineered lumber and have a fairly simple design. The simple designs can be used if you need several bridges for the driveway to your home. The smaller bridges can have a simple design, and there can be larger bridges for more attractive features.

The addition of an attractive timber bridge can be a great improvement for your property. Contact timber driveway bridge builders and talk to them about these ideas for your driveway project.